I actually fail at these things, but perhaps 10 Before 30 will be easier than 25 Before 25, yes? (Yes.)

  1. Take a dance class.
    I decided I want to major in dance already, but until I actually can1, wouldn’t it be fun to take a dance class?
  2. Take a yoga class.
    It seems relaxing.
  3. Be OK with my weight.
    I fluctuate between 129 and 140. It’s neither a good weight nor a bad weight, and no matter where I’m at, it’s always changing. I can lose weight quickly, so it’s easy for me to go underweight for several weeks. I think I’ll eventually need to see a dietitian who can work with me on this, because I move a lot2, and adding regular exercise into that mix makes me lose a lot (it’s like having a high metabolism and working out).
  4. Travel
    There’s not a set place I’d like to travel to for this, as any will work, but ever since I read in Seventeen about going on a road trip with friends, I’ve wanted to go on one. I still want to do this, and I’d like to go with people I can stand to be around longer than forty-eight hours, because it would suck if anything happened, right?
  5. Be financially independent.
    I have a plan, and every time I do, it always fails because my life sucks, and shit happens.
  6. Red hair
    I just want it to be redder. Or hey, maybe some weird-ish blue highlights? That’d be cool. :p
  7. Driving confidence
    Because PTSD fucked that all up.
  8. Read a book
    How can I call myself a writer if I don’t even read? It supposedly makes you a better writer, too, which means I should probably get on that.
  9. Write for a collab blog/magazine
    Since I traded magazines for blogs, I suppose writing for a collab blog would/could work. I’ve decided I don’t want to run one as much as I just want to write for one. They’re not easy to find. :x
  10. Go back to college
    There is actually a lot of mental that goes into this, i.e. PTSD and depression, anxiety, and stress.

Why is this 10 Before 30 and not 30 Before 30?

Because I fail at publicly listing things like these, and also because 30 is a lot for me. I mean, I’ll be surprised if I reach even one of these.~

  1. I’m on something called ‘financial aid probation’ for various reasons.
  2. Tourette Syndrome tics, dancing, and stimming

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