I’m not sweating in the heat sense – I’m freezing my hair off, itching all over (maybe it’s this body wash that’s finally taking its toll on my skin), using an extra blanket on my bed again (I added the yellow and zebra one my mom made me last year to my bed), my throat is hurting… We’re barely into October, and it’s already freezing!

I’m already bringing out the sweats. Although, I guess I don’t really have much to say there considering I really only wear one pair of sweats capris-wise and one pair of sweats pants-wise, and then sweaters for the tops and whatnot – but still, I’m having to bring them out. It’s October. It’s usually still hot in October still as far as Texas goes, and it’s freezing.

The bad thing about this is that I love winter, minus all the holidays and stress it comes with. I find it absolutely frustrating that it’s freezing cold, I’m dealing with allergies and it’s not even going to let me wait until November to enjoy it! Of course, maybe the damn gnat that is living in my room producing babies or whatever it may be will freeze to death. Because maybe that’s why I’m itching! They do bite, you know. I’ve killed three, but I have only ever had one in my room at a time. I guess it’s better than having bedbugs or water bugs or cockroaches, but it itches like hell. A few websites mention something about being allergies to them, and I really hope I’m not. -.- …even though I wouldn’t turn the theory down right away since I’ve been itching horribly for the past week or so now.

The last time I got bit by gnats so bad was when they’d literally feed off my legs in sixth grade every morning (no matter the weather), and my legs would then be puffy and red a lot. That’s not what is going on here, as it’s more sporadic considering there’s only one1 doing it at a time. So, anything that I happen to wear just rubs against my bites and cause them to need. to. be. itched. like. one. hundred. freaking. times. MORE.

On a totally yet maybe somehow unrelated note, every now and then I feel like I’m on the farm in this weather. That’s what this weather reminds me of. Farms look so beautiful during the wintertime, and I miss it much more than I already did.

This kind of cold is just a sudden onset… That’s not good for my allergies!

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