1. I really like handmade things. I also adore giveaways with handmade items.
  2. The only allergy-free way I can enjoy Sunbutter is by eating it alone. I can also make plain granola bars, or something else, with Sunbutter, but I can’t eat a Sunbutter & jelly sandwich because I’m allergic to bread. And jelly/jam with preservatives.
  3. I don’t really get along with feminists. The main reason is because I believe in human rights, not rights for certain groups of people, and this usually starts an argument (or twenty) about how I should care about [blah blah blah]…
  4. I really miss S.
  5. I suck at replying to snail mail. I still have two different people’s letters on my desk to reply to — two are from Christine.
  6. Zombies actually scare me a lot. I can do ghosts and those vicious-looking beasts on Teen Wolf and Grimm, but I can’t handle zombies. I also can’t handle anything Saw– or Paranormal-related.
  7. I think my new favorite homemade meal is Chicken Cordon Bleu with a side of cheesy cauliflower. Grandmama doesn’t make it often, but I really like it because I’ve always loved the flavor of them, but they taste better homemade than they do when they’re packaged like Hot Pockets.
  8. I love indie films. I feel like they have a more genuine feel to them, as they’re not produced by a huge corporate company.
  9. I use cleansing cloths on my face even though they’re not made for faces. I got them for free from BzzAgent and just had this curiosity feeling to use them on my face1, so I did. I used them on my face twice that day, and it didn’t burn my face or anything. Instead, it cleared it up. I don’t have acne unless I have something I’m allergic to/something I’m allergic to touches my face, and since that’s constantly an unavoidable occurrence, it’s nice to have something in stores I’m not allergic to. ^^; Neutrogena stopped selling the facial wash I used, so I’ve used only water to not massively breakout. For me, it works better than Clinique, an expensive solution I’ve also tried.2
  10. I really love Once Upon a Time. When it first came out, I felt it was a bit lame. Throughout 2013, I saw previews and whatnot, and I even added it to my list on Netflix, but I didn’t start watching it until now. It puts a huge twist on fairy tales and makes them all know each other and have their plots mixed in with each other.
  1. I used baby wipes on my face in the past, but they weren’t gentle enough.
  2. This isn’t exactly sponsored anymore considering I’ve bought a package since receiving the freebie, but I felt like mentioning how I found it and how well it works might be able to help someone else who’s allergic to every face wash.

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