Archives for Month: August 2009

Agilane Avadoo Avazz Avavee Babbletype Blognation Bluefly Brainbean Brightbridge Bubblebrain Chatbridge Delow Demibox Devpoint Divanoodle Dudanoodle Eizu Emcer Est’chae Fape Gegen Hotel Layouts Idrau Inesernal Jumpzone Kidoo Layoutfly Layout Swap Linkbird Linkpulse Lush Satire Munoodle Photospace Pixaroo Pixocero Pixogen Plalium Podblab Radar Rhymba Roonte Sandant Shufflecast Skanoodle Skipjam Taist Tasteful Venom Topiccast Torrayough Trinder Twido […]

I applied to get Mango Penguin reviewed. I don’t think I’m ever going to take reviews very well. This is a premade domain layout, pay attention. All I did was change the regular text alignment from centered to the right and gave it cursors. Nothing too special. It still has the credit at the top, […]

I went through all of my affiliates today to add their MySpaces. If I couldn’t see it on the navigation bar, I didn’t spend time to find it. I should have done an affiliate check as well, but that thought did not come to mind until I was finished. I updated them, too, so if […]

So, school is the week after next week. Because the deadline to apply for FAFSA was in June, I have decided to not attend community college this semester. I have been slacking when it comes to my updating and such, so I have decided that maybe I should just stick to working on one section/item […]