Archives for Month: October 2009

I don’t know… I’m sick, though. I have a fever on and off. Sometime’s I’ll be on here, and sometimes I will not. {Here means the internet.} Yeah, I’m not… making sense? Sorry if my grammar is off. I feel horrible. 😐 I’m watching my little brother who stayed home from school because of allergies. […]

just saw a preview for the movie The Box, and I want to see it. It comes out in November. I think it said November 16th? Anyway, today my mom and I cleaned. She deep cleaned her bathroom, and I swept and mopped it. She folded the clothes in the living room, and I cleaned […]

My twelve year old brother Isaac doesn’t seem to appreciate me very much. He acts as if everything I do is wrong. According to him, he hates me. So, what I am going to do!? Nothing. I’m going to show him what it is like to not have me as a sister. I’ll tell you […]