Archives for Month: February 2010

I decided to be nice and post the contest information today. I am at my mom’s house, and people are still here from the party. My cousin Shane irritated me so I decided to come here, and my mom let me get online. My great grandmother, “Mama Lois”, snapped at me today. I made her […]

I will be nineteen this year – exciting, no!? I practiced driving today in my aunt’s Nissan Sentra. I REALLY like it. Like, I think I’m in love with it. 😛 Haha. It just drives so smoothly! Anyway, I was going to start the contest next Thursday, but I may just post it tomorrow! There […]

On Valentine’s Day, my ex-boyfriend, Christopher came back. He texted me “Happy Valentine’s Day!” out of the blue. We had not talked in quite a long time, so I did not understand the point in texting me on that such day! Anyway, we since then and until last night, we text messaged each other as […]

Yesterday my mom told me that my socks don’t match. She thought I was crazy. But I have not worn matching socks since Christmas, but that was a special occasion. Haha. Anyway, I figured that that would make a great “first impression” even though some of my visitors have seen my previous domains and/or subdomains. […]