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…with the weather outside! I woke up this morning around three o’clock freezing cold. The windows were closed; Mimi actually closed them last night. The heat was NOT on. I fell back asleep only to wake up again at five to hear the radio blasting throughout the house. I think I need to get into […]

It was brought to my attention by Isi that the image for IOTM was too difficult. I’m changing that now, so by the time this post is published, the image will be changed. 🙁 Next time I’ll pay attention to the picture once I put it up, because I didn’t that time. Carrie’s Fall Party […]

For all the moms that come across my blog and happen to read it, my mom’s blog is here. 😛 Before I actually get into my post, the following things need joining before November 1! Icon of the Month Random Site of the Month Site of the Month I decided to fill today’s post with […]

You know the saying, “When it rains, it pours?” That’s what happened Saturday whilst Mimi and I were in Terrell. -.- It started pouring. We went to The Tractor Store, Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart. She was in Sally’s Beauty Supply while I was in Dollar Tree, and once she finished at Sally’s, she went next […]

Yesterday afternoon I helped Patrick with his multiplication. When I was in third grade, my teacher would give us time each day to work on our multiplication tables. We would start with our 1’s and work our way up. That is what I did with Pat. I printed off practice sheets from BlueBonkers. I am […]

I purchased (1) because I could see how I liked it for a year without paying more than five dollars and (2) I liked it. Now I don’t, and I set up my account on my reseller as – not I actually miss, and I planned on (and still do) renewing […]

Cute piggy. 🙂 Cute guyyy. 😛   Follow me on Tumblr?

I blogged yesterday. It was the first time I blogged on a weekend on My weekend felt long, and I was ready for it to end before it even started. I caught up on my sleep today, even though I only slept until nine this morning. A few people have asked where they could […]