Archives for Month: October 2010

Friday my cousin (Shane) came over, and his friend (Dakota) came too. They spent the night. My grandmother’s friend Susan and Susan’s granddaughter Star came over as well. Oh yeah, and my little brother Patrick had a friend spend the night. Long story short, I am ready for this crazy weekend to end already. I’m doing […]

Is it weird that most of my online friends are in high school? 1. There were cliques. But it didn’t matter whether you were or weren’t a part of them. You didn’t have to worry about “making the cut” or anything like that. Yet, there were still a few groups you did have to make […]

I went to the store with my mom. This is what I bought. 🙂 1. A Zensational Binder by Carolina Pad. I needed a new binder, since my old one was falling apart. I love Carolina Pad’s binders – they have a new style every season! I don’t buy binders often – my falling apart […]

I watched If You Really Knew Me last night. I’ll going to do something similar when it comes to sharing my personal story. I hope this goes swell. If you could step into my shoes you would see that I have this passion, this dream, that I’m too afraid to share with my family members. […]

Moments ago I asked my mom about Carrie’s Halloween party (age six, first grade). It’s the second day of the second week of October, and I’m sure we only have about two weeks to make this happen. What fun! Speaking of parties, about two hours ago my mom and I were trying to herd the […]

I woke up to rain pouring down. Although the rain was nice, I didn’t want it today. Today is “fair day”, meaning the kids have today off. That makes today, well … BLAH. ._. [image unavailable] I almost ran over a turtle Saturday. It was on the road I live on, so I went to […]

I feel like I’m alone. Have you ever gotten that feeling? I’m not talking about the one that lasts for only a day; I’m talking about the one that lasts longer. It isn’t depression; it’s just that I am lonely. I don’t have friends here. Many of the people that I meet are either older […]

People deal with death differently. It’s not that I am trying to forget; I’m just tired of everyone being sad. I think it has been four weeks already, and the side affects of my great grandmother’s passing are still here. My grandmother is on a cleaning frenzy, and I’m getting tired of smelling the bleach. […]