Archives for Month: November 2010

My Thanksgiving was nice. Thirteen people total were in the front living room, and that is a lot for the size of the room. 🙂 I felt sick from Friday to Sunday, though. My poor tummy. 🙁 I have a new phone. Mine got wet. How? HA. Just … don’t ask. I’m not sharing it […]

I don’t know whether I will blog again until next Monday since it is Thanksgiving Break – just a heads up. 😛 Ask me questions. 🙂 You know … like Formspring questions, but so I can answer them in a blog post. 😛 If you leave a link (via the form), I’ll link you for […]

My life feels ridiculous right now – or perhaps it is merely today? Usually my Mondays are great; nothing out of the ordinary goes wrong. It feels muggy and humid outside. Do you know how I feel about that? Disgusted, gross, icky, and dirty once again. I feel like I need a shower even though […]

I renewed today. I had money – still have some – in my NameCheap account, so I figured, why not get it over with, you know? It’s due February 9, 2012 now. I won’t be renewing, and I do not know about renewing I changed my mind on the smoothie community – it’s […]

Last night I watched the news. Last year 3 DISD high school students committed suicide because of bullying. I knew DISD was bad, but I did not think it was – nor could be – that bad. All schools have bullies, and all schools should have anti-bullying policies; however, there are still many that do […]

When they stretch, when they run, when they sleep, when they eat – kittens are so cute. These kittens, though, have an advantage: they were born in the wild so they have adapted to that. Even though they are house cats, their claws and their teeth are sharper than what other kittens their age may […]

On a weekend I am fine. However, not being able to blog yesterday makes me feel like I am behind. I was going to try to at least return comments. I had my reply to Shriya all typed up, right? I worked on that comment for five minutes. The internet went down when I tried […]

I first learned about HTML in seventh grade – or was it eighth? I had no idea it stood for HyperText Markup Language or that certain tags had to be put in place before creating a web page. I was about … fourteen, maybe fifteen years old. I only learned about the basics from Girlstart, […]