Archives for Month: November 2010

Nothing that has happened today has made much sense. I finally sleep through the night without waking up coughing, and this is what I receive in return? I don’t want it! Sprite overflowed while I was pouring it. Gas pump wouldn’t pump into the truck. The lady (she looked my age) tried to help from […]

It was the beginning of my senior year, and the group of friends I usually hung out with at The Mix (Wednesday night youth group church gathering) were not there. I hardly saw anyone I knew. So, I sat on the floor against the brick wall and began text messaging back and forth with any […]

I have experienced some dirty jobs in my life (or at least witnessed them). Even if they are not considered “real jobs” I am going to list them. These are some crazy experiences, and I hope that you can relate to some. 🙂 5. Cleaning out the cat litter box It stinks, it’s clumpy (I […]

I was once assigned this as a first assignment in English class my junior year. It’s actually helped me; maybe it will help you? Plus, I figured this might be kind of fun. 😉 Grab a piece of paper so that you can write your thoughts and lists down. Each thing should be about yourself […]

Over the weekend Todd did nothing but stay by my side. I wondered if it had to do with me, or if he felt sick because I felt sick. I surfed the internet on my phone, and it turns out that a lot of cats stay by their owners when they are sick – or […]

From baby opossums to estranged kittens, from newborn calves to free horses – my mom, Mimi and I might as well call ourselves the animal rescue team, because that’s what we do; we find animals and take them in (my mom took the opossums to some wildlife place that takes care of them). Going into […]

I think that I have experienced many positive experiences in my lifetime thus far that not many other people my age have. At least … not the exact same things. I chose five to share with you all. 🙂 1. Psychology Though I mostly watched movies and copied down notes in this class than read […]

I’m going to start a small blog project of my own. It will be 5 lists of 5 things (5 things per list) on 5 separate blogs (one blog per list) throughout the next 5 weeks. Five is my “lucky” number when it comes to writing and such. Maybe you have noticed that from my […]