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I am on a semi-sister strike. My siblings treat me like nothing: hanger throwing, bad mouthing, foot stomping. The bad thing is that I have not done anything aside from not letting them do 100 percent of what they want to do, even if it is of danger to them! It is not like I […]

Before there was Madeline Hayes, there was Haven. This is the story that inspired the original story of Madeline, which I now refer to as “fan fiction”.

When people find out that I, a nineteen year old “child”, have a website, lecturing and warning doors open. “Don’t use your real name!” “Don’t give out personal information!” “Oh, I wish you wouldn’t have a website…” *shaking head* “Teens these days getting themselves into so much trouble…” *acts like I’m not there and speaks […]

Meme taken from Thursday Dating Profiles. 1. You must like to do the same things I do and is willing to try new things. *leaves profile page* 2. I like to see people being happy and strongly believe there is more pleasure in giving than in receiving. Where did you get that from? A book? […]

I am currently in… I like… Being in like with someone is hard for me: I hate feeling vulnerable. I hate getting that butterfly feeling in my stomach. I feel like some clingy chick. Depending on the guy, I might fall quickly. I could fall in love. I have been in love twice in my […]

When studying and reading from textbooks from school, I often think of examples and things I can compare and contrast what I am learning to. As far as speech goes, The Communication Process seems to be a lot like blogging and bloggers. The first step is the sender. In blogging, the blogger is the sender. […]

If you don’t like the talk of blood, or the talk of blood coming up, skip this post. If you read anyway and get sick, don’t get mad at me. I warned you. -.- I might begin favoring Wednesdays instead of Mondays, since Wednesday is the last day of the week that I have school. Make […]

I have writer’s block. I can blog. Blogging is different. Writing assignments are what I cannot do right now. Last Wednesday Mr. Brigdon assigned – or so I had thought – an introduction essay. Last night I sat down to type it (I waited until last minute, yes, but I couldn’t think of ANYTHING to […]