Archives for Month: January 2011

College isn’t what I expected it to be. TV does not depict how college really is: You’re not treated like a teenager; you’re treated like an adult. There are no bells that tell you class begins and/or ends. You get to create your own schedule, choose your own teachers and don’t have to go everyday […]

In the privacy of my own bedroom – or anywhere else (in general) – I have done many things that have never came to surface until now. I never told my mom, my cousin and my grandmother or my dad, my best offline friend/long distance friend Alice and my online friends. Please don’t judge me, […]

School starts on Tuesday, but my classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays – in the morning. I am going to be going part-time, which is three classes: english, math and speech. I know only one teacher – my speech teacher. She attends Fellowship Forney, a church I used to attend. 😛 Small world… Wal-Mart was […]

Sunday started with a rain shower, then progressed into snow. Wow, this time the news was right. Yesterday I didn’t go to church. I need to get into the habit of going to church again. These past Sundays, though, I have been sick with allergies and/or an upset stomach. This time I woke up itching […]

Strength does not have to be physical; it can be emotional; it can be mental. Strength comes from the heart – it is not on the outside of a person, therefore it does not have to be seen on the outside of a person. Strength does not exclude crying, breaking down or hurting – a […]

The life of a vine involves many twists and turns – it grows forward; it grows toward the light. Yesterday I worked on my room. It has gone from being a complete disaster to an organized mess. I haven’t completed the entire cleaning and organizing process yet – when I was vacuuming the closet, the […]

This goes with Sara Healy’s post. Who made the human’s footprint? The human’s footprint was made by someone going through another hard time in her life. But it wasn’t her – it was the child in her that many people see. Who made the bird’s footprint? The bird’s footprint was made by the same person, […]

Clementine Oranges are sweet and petite and orange and a sphere; peaches are a combination of pink and orange (AKA pale) and a sphere. They are different in color and flavor, but for a six year old, I suppose I can see how easily it may be to confuse them and to call the Clementines Oranges peaches. […]