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It is important that you read Escape From Reality: Part I before reading this is you have not already. I had to split them because I did not want to make you guys read a 1000-word post all at once. 🙁 Been there, read that. I’m not saying I’m not thankful for everything I have […]

Have you ever played the game Word Association on a forum? If so, then you probably know what this post is going to be about. If not, then here’s how to play: Word: green The given word is green, and you are the person who is going to post next. You need to think of […]

Yesterday evening I fed Mia, Doc, Ruby and our three miniature donkeys hay. Mimi has not been feeling well lately. Tommy is over, visiting with her and whatnot. Mia and Doc are horses, by the way, and Ruby is a bottle fed cow that is not growing any taller (bottle fed calves’ growth is usually […]

I think I want to start vlogging. It seems like a fun and new type of blogging. A few fellow bloggers did a dialect video – it was floating around a few weeks ago, but now I cannot remember who was doing it 🙁 – and when I can find at least one person’s blog […]

where nothing goes your way. where traffic is bad on the way to school and people will not use their blinkers. where your contacts decide to mess up. where you choose not to eat breakfast at all because you think that two peppermint candies from Sonic will suffice. where you arrive at school merely ten […]

I do not know where he is, and that worries me: What if he got ran over? What if a bigger animal ate him? What if he is lost? Ugh. He did not come over to my mom’s house this time like he did a few days ago, and I am just worried. So worried […]

If you use WordPress, and you do not have a plugin that automatically sends you database backups, download/install a backup plugin. Without it, I would have given up on 6birds completely. I don’t know exactly what happened to, but according this file, it looks like they were hacked, and that is what I am […]

Just bear with me. I have to re-install all of my plugins. I’ll explain what happened later. Join me on It doesn’t matter. ._.