Archives for Month: April 2011

I don’t think it’s wrong to not say “thank you” to someone if I don’t think they’ve done anything for me. I also don’t think it’s wrong to not say “thank you” if I don’t feel thankful – or even if I’m not thankful. I don’t find not saying “thank you” and/or “I’m sorry” when […]

I found this online somewhere ages ago. I figured it would be something fun to do. ^^ Instructions: Pull up your iTunes/playlist/etc. and put it on shuffle. For each question, hit next. Don’t keep hitting next until you get what you want, though. It’s really cool how some of the songs go great with the […]

I have a bundle of books that I don’t read – all of which are written by V.C. Andrews. If I hosted a giveaway/contest for a book (or even two), would you be interested in joining it? I’m wanting to do it between August and October, and if all goes well, then I will do […]

I just bought a domain name. But it isn’t mine – don’t worry! 😉 It is for Jess, the grand contest winner of the giveaway. I found it weird – the winning numbers, I mean. They’re so close together. But it’s really cool that eight was the grand winner, considering 8 is my lucky number. […]

We’ll start at the road. This is the picture I showed. This post is very picture-worthy. All of the pictures can be seen bigger or smaller via flickr. Now, once we enter, feel free to “ooh” and “ahh”, your mouth drooling for a personal tour, or even to just be able to walk down this […]

I’m working on a domain collective, which will serve as a collective to other items as well in the near future (fanlistings I’ve joined, TCG trade posts, etc.). It isn’t at anymore, though. I purchased a domain name recently.1 But I really like the domain name for it. And I am not letting myself […]

I saw this on Bellue. 🙂 Go to Wikipedia and hit “Random article”. The title of the first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. Go to and hit “Random Quotes”. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first […]

When you include the chat-like conversation in the huge block quotes it makes this post seem long. But it’s really mostly the chat-like conversation that took most of the words. Mimi has a mammogram today at 3pm. So what does that mean? It means she didn’t go to work. She normally takes the kids to […]