Archives for Month: April 2011

The end of spring term is rising, and I am feeling more and more stressed. There’s only fifteen weeks in a term, and with all of the crappy winter weather at the beginning of the term, about five of those weeks were wasted. That’s ten days. Wasted. And now teachers seem to be feeling the […]

For what it is worth, I opened Hostously a little over an hour ago. It has been in Maintenance Mode for quite some time now, and I finally spent hours to work on getting it up and running. I decided to open the bigger hosting later, so for now I am only offering free hosting. […]

Mimi’s boyfriend has been staying over during the week. You know, Tommy. I’ve brought him up a few times. As if having1 to do his laundry wasn’t enough, I’m having to see him everyday and practically anytime I’m home. Is it just me, or do most people in healthy relationships have time alone, too? When […]

Kylie and I, taken in 2008 in my room. I lived with my dad. She and I haven’t talked much within the past two years.

Yesterday afternoon at about 2:30 pm I went to the Starbuck’s in Terrell and met Bebe, who met my dad in Mesquite. Why, you may ask? My laptop. My. Laptop. MY LAPTOP. My dad fixed it, and now I have it. It works. I do not have manually hold the battery cord into its outlet […]

I have decided that I will probably never publish a book, and writing short stories for the fun of it is okay. They do not have to get published in a book to be read – that is the exciting thing with technology these days. I’m okay with that. It has taken me a long time […]

In seventh grade I developed a passion for Play, a Swedish band built up of people my age. I knew the lyrics, dance routines – everything – to every song. Then my freshman year in high school (2005), the band was parting and going their separate ways. Some wanted to focus more on school, others […]

How long is the driveway? What do you see on your way toward the end of the driveway? What is at the end of the driveway? Next week will be a picture of what is at the end of the driveway. 🙂