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I know I already said this, but I’m explaining why I changed the theme. It’s plain. I just want it plain for now. I’ll probably stay “gone” until Friday. I even’t written #25. 🙁 Ugh. This theme is alright, for now. I just feel blank and bored – bored with blogging, that is. I feel […]

Sometimes the only way I can stay happy is by working on projects. I decided to open an “awards” website, which may sound pretty lame, but it will give people a chance who may not have a higher chance of winning various website awards a chance to win at least one. Every spring I – […]

This entry is 1000+ words. It is 1134 words total (including this part). Read my previous entry or just don’t comment at all if you aren’t going to read the entire thing – it’s important to read everything so you understand the details. Before guessing who Mimi is, hover her name. Nothing went as planned […]

#19 I own a red dress. It’s very … appealing. I have only worn it to Andy’s (my now ex-boyfriend) band banquet in 2008, toward the end of junior year. Let’s just say he didn’t like it as much as he loved it. 😉1 #20 For a Klondike bar, I probably wouldn’t do anything unless […]

A few fellow bloggers have various comment etiquettes – such as Nancy, who prefers long comments. Like I did on a recent post, I’m most likely going to make a lot of people really angry. But this is my opinion of this “proper commenting etiquette” crap, and this post is long overdue. Don’t get me […]

I’m quite proud of myself. I learned how to do something of my own. Sure, I needed help. But getting help is how we learn, right? I’m talking about, my domain collective. A silent goal of mine for May was that I wanted to get it to a point that I didn’t just like […]

Be a doll and actually say something about the photograph, would you? Like, be more creative than “That’s a really cute picture!”, or “You did really well!”, or “Wow, I love this!” -.- Also, photographs and all content on my website are my property. That doesn’t mean you have permission to use them, even if […]

According to Isaac, Mimi treats him differently. Today I told my mom that I will observe how Mimi treats Isaac versus the other kids whilst she and Lard are in Florida and Mimi is watching the kids. She wants me to tell her how this goes. I suppose I can type everything up in Microsoft […]