Archives for Month: May 2011

My mom and Lard are going away [for the week] on Tuesday night and will be in Florida from Wednesday until Friday. Er, they’re coming back Friday. Anyway, you get the picture. My mom wants her house cleaned, so we have been cleaning the house. Mimi will be watching the kids over here this week, […]

I used to take pictures of myself for fun. I used to be one of those “preppy” websites. You know, the ones who offer MySpace resources and “resource website resources”1? Yeah. Don’t believe me? I didn’t think you would. Here. I decided I didn’t want to do one of those vectors, but hopefully you will […]

Continued from last Friday. #9 I really, really love my white tennis shoes. I bought them whilst shopping with my mom at Wal-Mart during a sale. I love sales. 🙂 #10 I used to really hate WordPress. It was for no reason, because I had never tried it before. o.o But now I really like […]

I could have said crappy, but I’m going to be nice. Let’s make crabby the new word for crappy, shall we? Crabby sounds so much nicer, so much crisper, and not as disgusting as crappy sounds. I feel like crab. -.- The only thing truly keeping me going is that my HP Slate was ordered […]

I have realized that I forgot how to make WordPress themes – my old one I made (that penguin one) cannot be touched by me. I’m glad I made a copy of it, because otherwise my editing would have caused it to be trash. Once I learn how to make them again (on my own), […]

It’s quite simple, really: Why the sky is blue, Why the grass is green, Why the sun is yellow, Why the dirt is brown, Why the soil is black. People accept inanimate objects and other things just as they are. But other citizens are expected to change: Because they’re different, Because they don’t fit in, […]

This is the start of a new meme I am going to do – Factual Friday. Each Friday1 will feature facts about me. I decided to kick it off today with 100 Facts [About Me]. 🙂 #1 Number eight is my lucky number. I am always stuck with eights in Uno, and anytime I choose […]

If you can, please be as detailed as possible. Don’t necessarily answer the questions in Q & A form, but try to put them in more of a paragraph form, if you can. Feel free to include more details that aren’t included in the questions. 🙂 What is my personality? How do you see me? […]