Archives for Month: June 2011

I hung out with Colt at Starbuck’s for about an hour or so today. I set my multiple alarms on my phone for different times this morning: 7:30, 7:45, 8:00, 8:15, 8:30. I finally arose out of the bed at 8:30. Eight thirty in the morning is really early for me… You know? I’m still […]

Today was a lazy day. I did a few loads of laundry and worked on Lounge 11, but other than that, it was rather lazy. Carrie and Pat were out playing with the Spring Break Kids1, Isaac played on the computer almost the entire day2, and the rest of us – Lard, my mom and […]

No matter what, everyone will always have their own insecurities. With my ovarian cyst1, I’ve gained weight, and I don’t like that. I know I’m not fat, but I am starting to feel like it more and more. If I stretch or do a lot of physical activity, my right side starts to hurt. I […]

Sometimes I feel dark, and sometimes I feel very light. Lately I have been feeling unneeded, unwanted and unimportant. I really don’t like those feelings. I feel like I’m wasting my breath, time and energy whenever I speak. I feel like I am annoying my family and my friends. I feel like anything I say […]

Having blog comments is like collecting a jar of hearts. You’ve got the people who comment for the hits, the people who comment for friends, the people who comment to complain, and the people who comment just because they’re bored and/or have something to say. Which one of those people are you? I think I […]

What am I supposed to talk about right now? The fact that I ate eggs – even though I’m allergic1 to them – and now I feel sick? Or what about the fact that I went to the park with the kids2 to run out their energy – and succeeded – in one hour flat? […]

Bag zipping, laundry folding, laundry washing, dishwasher swishing, legs limping, Isaac singing, Patrick whining, Carrie sorting, Mom stressing, Lard working, cats sweating, dogs panting – today is the last day before my mom and Lard leave for Buffalo, New York/Niagara Falls. Isaac may be going to Lard’s parents for the week. If he does, it […]

You know what I’m about to talk about. Everyone wants more of it, no matter how much they say they don’t. It’s that I-gotta-have-it-it-just-feels-so-good-to-be-a-part-of-please-include-me-in-on-it matter: drama. I dislike getting into things, however lately there has been a lot of crap on Twitter lately, and I just don’t care about it all that much. No, this […]