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Do you think about what you share online? Yeah, yeah, you’re thinking, “Dude, I’ve heard this before…” Right? Sure, but still. Maybe you have. But this is my “Online Safety” article from my experiences and whatnot, and I’m sharing them anyway. No one said you have to read it. If you have children – or […]

Something even my offline friends and family do not know about me is that I would love to be able to sort of “live” in England one day. Based on what I see on Twitter and read on various travel and/or personal blogs pertaining to England, the people there seem to love life way more […]

I’m going to my aunt’s house next week for two days. I guess it’s more, but I’m really trying to see past that. Because I don’t know how to get to her house, she’s meeting me at the S-Buck’s1 in Terrell. It’s pretty much the farthest I’ve ever driven away from home, even if I’ve […]

I’m doing okay. I’ll work on returning comments, returning blogs and getting a new domain name giveaway page ready. Until then, the page will be available, but merely a “Coming soon” will be at play. Feel free to tweet my poll after you vote: Vote Yay/Nay! (via @sabbeefly) You can also put @lizlovesstripes in […]

You may comment the next post. This post’s comments are closed. Let’s keep this short. The winner is chosen via There were 12 entrants. Each entrant has a 12:1 chance of winning. It was 100% fair. Good luck. Now I’m going list the members and then draw a number. Entrants: Rachel D Jennifer Aashni […]