Archives for Month: July 2011

I only kept typing in the text area of this website because I liked the way g looked in whatever font it was. I think g is my favorite letter… I’m always looking at what g looks like in said font before using the font because I never know whether I’ll have to use it. Anyway, here’s the picture… […]

I found a few letters to various bloggers/websites/people/etc. I’ll post these over time. It’s mostly just me getting my thoughts out. 🙂 I’m putting it into my “Memes” category. Enjoy! 🙂 Dear Blogger, Your blog is nice; your blog is lovely. However, I haven’t much time to comment on it because I’m in a rush, […]

that felt better. crying a lot, i mean.

I’m ready for summer to be over. The ants, the weird looking bugs, the dramatic overlays of exhaustion… I feel like this was the longest summer of my entire life, and I guess the drama with Mimi and her boyfriend, Tommy, had a lot to do with it. Everything was different this summer. It was […]

Not everyone finds themselves to be beautiful. Heck, I don’t even find myself to be beautiful half of the time. But even though you’re feeling down, there’s still some things you could at least try doing, because there’s always a maybe when it comes to handing you that ladder so you can climb out of whatever depth […]

I try to do my best and stay to myself on Twitter: quiet, calm, collected. However, no matter how much Stephanie may think of me as a “hard-core Christian“, I’m not. I’m not one at all. I think my views on teen pregnancy are not extremely horrible because my mom had me at a young […]

BEDA isn’t going to work out this year. I mean, how would it next month if I’ve been purposely neglecting my blog1? School starts late August, and I wanted to do the BEDA during school… This is just a random thought here, but perhaps I could start the BEDS (Blog Everyday During September) if it hasn’t […]

[autopost] The traffic, the visitors, the cute website blog rings… Maybe in the future, but it’s just way too much to deal with right now. Actually, it’s always been too much to deal with, but I keep wanting to be nice and have little button plugs and other such things. I’m done advertising buttons. It […]