Archives for Month: July 2011

I’ve taken some time away from blogging again. I’m sorry for disappearing. I have another blog, but I haven’t posted on that one recently, either. By this weekend I will have the theme Aashni made for me – I’m not interested in messing with coding or anything right now. I mean, I actually didn’t miss […]

I have been contemplating on whether I should blog everyday in August. If so, then I could blog everyday in both April and August of next year, and make it a sort of bi-yearly thing, you know? Not to mention how great WordPress would be for it. I mean, I can schedule posts, you know? […]

These four things are going to detailed, yet simple. Hopefully they will give you a wider insight as to who I am! 🙂 1. I don’t like thinking “what if ___?” I’m happy with the way I have lived, grown up, etc. Thinking about what I would be like, where I would be now – […]

I had thirteen posts to choose from, but I finally chose my favorites. It was hard because I don’t have many favorites from this month. I had to read through each one, too, so don’t think I just made a list and wrote a few sentences about it… This entry has taken some time to […]