Archives for Month: August 2011

I really do have great reasoning behind it, I promise. Tweetarians I followed a lot of people I didn’t want to follow anymore. You know, people I have no idea as to who they are, people who tweeted just quotes/facts/etc. – instead I wanted to use Twitter lists to follow them, and the only way to adequately […]

Although I do feel quite lame doing this, I’m going to do it. I talked about it a few times recently in my posts, but for those of you who are just tuning in, BEDS is my version of BEDA. The only difference is that it’s in September instead of August. I’m prepared, so I […]

Internet went out the other day. You know, two days after I last blogged. I was going to blog two days after I last blogged. At least I am still on an even day. It doesn’t really mess much up. We’re switching Internet companies. As far as school goes, everything is too crazy to blog […]

I have a minor earache. All of these allergies are horrible. It seems like everyone has allergies right now. The clouds keep teasing me with their thunder and sprinkling showers… I want it to rain. I want to hear the rain. I want my hair to become frizzy because it’s raining. I want to hear […]

I’ve come to realization that waiting makes people discover more about themselves. Waiting for the first day of school for the kids to go back to school has driven me up a hill and down a well1. Waiting for registration has made me feel like my second first day of college will never come for […]

Lately I have been wanting to add an a at the end of Liz, my nickname. In case you didn’t already know, my full name is Sarah Elizabeth Lawson. Sabby is a combination of my first and middle name, and every other nickname except the middle school nickname Bearah is derived from Elizabeth. Liza just seems so nice, […]

Ren only did five of these, so I suppose I’ll do merely five of these, too. Isn’t that much easier than listing out the flaws and annoyances of each of my exes? 1. Smoking I have asthma, and smoke and smokers don’t help that at all. I try my best to stay away from them so […]

You’ve never really seen much of my goofy side live before, so I’ve made a video to show it to you all. Yesterday was quite a busy day for me – Isaac, Carrie, Pat and I went to Mimi’s to break down my bed and move it over to my mom’s house. I guess I started […]