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Since I haven’t done this in a while (and I have a lot of catching up to do on this meme), I’m going to do ten facts. Also, this is going to be a weekend post  – Raving Roundup time! 😛 #31 I really love watching thrillers/scary movies/horrors. I can’t explain why, though. I think it’s because […]

I love cats. I’m a cat person. This I know for a fact. However, when I look out my window to see Jackson and Bella in their pin just looking up at the tree in the middle of the pin (in the front yard), I lose all sanity. Or maybe it’s not like that. Perhaps […]

I was going to blog about how the land I live on is haunted by Indians and how we’ve been seeing some huge black thing in the backyard1, but I’ll just save that for some rainy day or when I feel less spooked. The strangest things always happen when I research anything related to the […]

I used a random word generator to help me create the following sentences. Each sentence includes a word from the generator (it’s underlined). They’re unrelated and irrelevant, move a long. 😉 Aislinn collapsed onto the floor. To have fallen would be a much greater experience. Her heart had the freedom to, but it depended on her body’s […]

I’ve come across a lot of people who really seem to admire 6birds not because of me, but because it is a site name with a number in it. It also often creates some controversy between a few people that will literally argue against me and those that I have told. It’s really frustrating when I type […]

It happened when I was watching Bridesmaids. I had just stood up and finished making my way around the couch when I heard a PLOP! I looked down into my drink that stood before me on the end table, and all I saw was a white piece of ice that hadn’t melted all the way – […]

If you remember the penguin theme for 6birds, then GOOD FOR YOU because I DON’T have a visual of it. I’m pretty sure that last summer was/is when I made it, but I can’t be sure. Anyway, coming from the theme I made for Dehlu, I created this one. Since I don’t know CSS3 yet, […]

This is a blog I typed up a few weeks ago and is going into the unpublished blogs category. Comments are closed because I felt like closing comments. I don’t want feedback on it. Thank you for understanding this. Recently I have realized that a lot of the people who enjoy taking pictures just automatically decide […]