Bee, Fly

We’re all different in our own little way; We all have something we’d like to say. Whether we’re blue and pink or purple and gold, We all have a say in how the stories of our lives should be told. Don’t be afraid of what life has to give; Just go with the flow because […]

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I’m here!

You’re probably annoyed by the scheduled posts or the fact that I haven’t returned comments. Long story short, I don’t really care if you’re upset with me. Feel free to be mad or whatever, because I really just don’t care. I have been working on a something for someone, and it’s been taking up most […]

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Breaking Dawn

I decided to take part in Georgina’s “I Love” project. I have contemplated creating a set on Polyvore and/or taking pictures. However, I honestly am really exhausted, and I just want to write. I’m babysitting the kids this week whilst my mom and Lard are in Houston. I went to Brookshire’s with them to buy […]

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