Archives for Month: October 2011

I have decided sticking with one layout for one month is practically impossible. -.- Well, for me, anyway. It just cannot be done, you know? But I do like to switch back and forth between various layouts from time to time. 🙂 I blogged for a straight nine days for BEDS, but that ended shortly […]

I still owe all of you a Raving Roundup. I know, I know… #41 I cannot stand having to clip my toenails. I wish I could just have them already done. Having to clip my toenails is like having to get my teeth cleaned: I’d rather postpone it. And then there’s the two toes (one on […]

I’ll do that Raving Roundup sometime later. I have comment to return, and I’ve had a pretty busy week. I almost blogged about something else, but I decided to just go ahead and switch to the new layout. This theme is a bit more personal. I also started a past layouts page. I’m in the […]

These songs were inspired by Degrassi. They may have also been on the show at some point – or even came from there. What The Heart Wants – Beth Thornley Scratch – BG5 (The BeachGirl5) The One You Call – Keke Palmer Princess – Miss Harmonica Price Tag (ft. B.o.B.) – Jessie J Dreamer – Elizaveta […]

Making my own layouts is awesome. Here’s why: Same CSS – every time. I don’t have to add the same ole p class CSS bundles I have to keep adding in layouts I use that other people have made. It doesn’t take much time to change things, but I love playing around with CSS when I […]