Archives for Month: November 2011

#57 I’m trying to get in shape. If I lose any weight in the process, then that is a plus. #58 I actually have a lot of insecurities that recently made me extremely depressed. Maybe I do want to lose weight. I just don’t want to lose it in an unhealthy way. #59 A while […]

I’m still alive. I went ahead and changed my theme for this winter since I’m sure everyone’s tired of my wooden one. I know I need to update a lot of things, but that will come soon, I promise! Anyway, I may just start vlogging than blogging until I can actually do it regularly. 😛 We’ll […]

I got a job. I won’t really have much time to talk about it, but I’m just letting you all know I have a job now, I have my truck now and I am going to try to get online when I can. However, my blog has not been much of a priority to me […]

#49 No matter what I do, my lips stay chapped. All of the time. I think this is because of that horrid habit I have of biting my lips and grinding my teeth in my sleep. I don’t know. #50 I think it would be nice to own an iPhone, but I’m so afraid of breaking it […]

No Raving Roundup for October. Why have one? I’m really busy right now, and you know what? I GOT A JOB. I was really nervous about the interview. I’d never been to a real one before, so I was pretty sure I was actually sweating as much as I felt. Tomorrow I have this orientation to […]