Archives for Month: December 2011

I went to the doctor yesterday. I have strep throat – great, right? The PA prescribed to me a “z-pack”, and let’s just say that it has kicked in and started working already. My bed is not made, there are used tissues all over my bed (including in between the sheets, etc.) and on the […]

I ate a lot today because I wanted it (and I wanted to) and I was hungry. I’m sick, though, and I’ve barely been able to keep anything down. …I am inferring to you that the food I ate is having a not-so-private battle with my stomach and that I can literally feel everything going […]

SUNDAY DECEMBER 18 My fuse blew – or whatever it is called that happens to fuses. Still, the interior lights, the horn and my radio doesn’t work. I can’t listen to music TO or FROM work, so I have to make sure I’m wide awake whilst driving. It’s really annoying, and although I could listen to […]

I love photographing sunsets – especially when they are surrounded by trees! It almost creates a silhouette effect. I blogged about this garden on 6birds. I loved these flowers so much, and I worked so hard on my garden. Perhaps next spring will be better for me to create [and keep] a garden. This is what we […]

My life feels insanely horrible right now. I’m not one of those people who simply love all of this “Christmas cheer” crap. Honestly, it annoys me – the music, the stress, the worrying about gifts – everything annoys me. I like to believe it is the thought that counts. I don’t need expensive jewelry or everything […]

Here are some important things to know about me (keywords are in bold): I don’t have a lot of patience, but I am great at faking it. I get frustrated very easily. If my hair has not been straightened perfectly and to my exact standards, chances are I’m not going to be too happy.  I […]

It is only Tuesday. I have six complete work days to overcome until my next day off: Monday. Work-wise, I am very flexible. I am available at any time of the day, week and month – even holidays. I am thanking God for Wal-Mart being closed on Christmas. I can only imagine how much chaos […]

I’m exhausted. It’s 1:16am, and I can’t sleep. I arrived home almost two hours ago – maybe two hours point five hours. I showered only thirty minutes ago – my hair is wet because of it – and my allergies are picking on me, causing me to sneeze, and just pick-picking. I never actually paid […]