Archives for Month: February 2012

I think I made a complete fool of myself today at work1. Me: Are you… wait, not Frank. Customer: Huh? Uh, no, I… Bye. Could I have seriously not have been any lamer? I see him around quite often, he used a discount card, and well… It’s not MY fault he looks so much like […]

How have you been? If you have not been following my life via, then you [most likely] don’t know that I’m trying my best to get happy again. It’s actually a difficult process for me. It’s really hard for me to be happy and not worry about how my happiness is affecting others. I […]

I saw my first shooting star last night on the way home. At first I thought it was an airplane falling from the sky or something, but it disappeared. It was really cool, because people always talk about seeing them – and I always miss it. It happens so fast. Once you see it, it […]

I’ve decided to share what I listen to with you – weekly. So, this post is all about what I am listening to. It’s usually all about the lyrics for most songs that probably aren’t what you’d expect me to be interested in. Actually, a lot of people are often shocked to know what kind […]