Lip Service

BEDA starts tomorrow, and I am going to work really hard to complete it on 6birds. To be honest, I’m already having doubts about whether I’ll actually be able to complete the challenge – but only because of the network tower in my ZIP code (thanks, Virgin Mobile USA). It just proves that you really […]

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If the majority of society seriously thinks all twenty-one-year olds only look forward to buying beer and other alcoholic beverages on their twenty-first birthday – as well as going to clubs and bars and all that other junk, then society needs to open their eyes to reality. Not all 21-year olds are like that. I […]

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This isn’t a choice. There’s no on/off switch/button. This isn’t ‘just life’.

This is the fourth entry I am openly speaking about my depression in. It’s really difficult to talk publicly about, and honestly, it’s even more difficult to admit to being depressed – or even what I’m doing because of it. I’m depressed. This is making me an emotional wreck, a temper nutcase and admitting a […]

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