Archives for Month: March 2012

BEDA starts tomorrow, and I am going to work really hard to complete it on 6birds. To be honest, I’m already having doubts about whether I’ll actually be able to complete the challenge – but only because of the network tower in my ZIP code (thanks, Virgin Mobile USA). It just proves that you really […]

We have tons of eggs because Tommy (my grandmother’s boyfriend) has guineas and chickens. They’re cage free, and they eat like pigs. They LOVE strawberries and watermelon and berries.

If the majority of society seriously thinks all twenty-one-year olds only look forward to buying beer and other alcoholic beverages on their twenty-first birthday – as well as going to clubs and bars and all that other junk, then society needs to open their eyes to reality. Not all 21-year olds are like that. I […]

Apparently work likes me. The people there, I mean. I really wasn’t expecting it. degrassi #lockerroll <3

I’m not myself right now, and it’s really hard. I can’t quit unintentionally embarrassing myself and just GFJHDFKJDFK.

I’m not doing it for attention, and I’m definitely not making it up in my head. Do you honestly think I would intentionally put all of thoughts in my head? These horrible, cruel and negative thoughts in my head that make me hurt so much and make me scared to be alone? I’m scared to […]

I wrote this after midnight and finished it today. It was edited with some pictures at nearly 11pm today. I thought I was on the right path of figuring out how to make myself better. Instead I just feel even crazier. I didn’t put gas in my truck because 1) it keeps rising and 2) […]