Archives for Month: March 2012

The television is on, the rain is tapping at the window and the laptop keys are being hit quickly but every once in a while. Sounds are audible, but some still hide themselves from me. Some things are bigger than they appear through my eyes. My eyes have been acting so crazy lately, too – […]

I used to watch this PBS Kids series (apparently it’s actually Disney, but I thought it was PBS Kids. Hm… I thought I always watched it before Zoom1) titled Out of the Box. It was one of my favorite TV shows when I was a child – mostly because it was all about imagination. But it’s not the […]

There is this sixteen year old kid – boy – who is intimidating me more than I can explain in words. For one, I feel like he keeps pushing some sort of relationship with me that will never happen (for so many reasons). At work on Saturday he just waltzed right up to the register […]

It sometimes takes me literally all night (or day) long to think of a topic to actually blog about. In my opinion, a topic I can actually blog about has to be easy to write. I don’t want to spend forever trying to make said blogging topic sound/look perfect. An ‘easy’ blogging topic would have […]