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These are [seriously] the best store-bought dinner rolls I have ever eaten! They taste JUST like homemade!   view here:

There’s a time when things change – when the words in your head from all of the silent voices (or intrusive thoughts) can just flow from your mind to your fingertips, allowing you to type out yet another page in a chapter of your life. The words collide with one another to make a thought […]

So I had a great post half-written, and then my computer restarted. I type my posts in my favorite comment boxes (currently using this one), then copy and paste them into the actual post box. Yep. I fell asleep, and it had updated, and I didn’t save the text/postpone the restarting thing. Ugh.

Since comments are closed on 6birds for a while, I’m posting a notice entry to you all who want to comment my blogs still. Keep in mind they are closed on 6birds for now because I keep getting comments daily on things I don’t want my entries to be commented on. I guess I’m just […]

So I told Mimi about my quitting my job once I got home. I figured it was either now or when it was too late. I chose to not put it off and to kick Anxiety in the butt and tell her sooner rather than later. I decided I’ll make videos and post them on […]

I am mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. I still cannot sleep. I kind of wish I could be a zombie for a few days – not the one where I am forcing myself to do things, but the kind of zombie that has the freedom to just be lazy or something. But I’d rather be […]

I have only told my cousin Shane that I quit my job as far as the family members I see most often go. I still don’t know how I am going to tell Mimi. I know that once I tell Mimi, she will tell Bebe (Shane’s mom; my aunt). I know they are [most likely] […]