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I feel as though my body hates me. Or, to be more specific: my brain hates me. Is that not what makes anxiety spiral out of control? I am a very timely person, you all know that. Tonight I felt extremely trapped at work. I did not want to get into trouble and leave (even […]

(video deleted) I cannot honestly say I regret turning in my two-week notice.

I got curious. First I was going to look back at my archives and see what I had blogged about exactly one year ago. Unfortunately I didn’t blog on the 6th of April, thus meaning I lack an entry for said date! This is (obviously) frustrating for me, because I was going to write about […]

All in all, the process of handing my two-week notice to A in Human Resources/Personnel went much smoother than I’d expected. There are always all of these horror stories about quitting at said place. No one has made me feel guilty yet, however; a friend of mine caught me on my way out and said […]

This is somewhat of a picture-worthy post. Not loaded with 10+ pictures. It’s more like just four. I bought this bag from Payless. I really needed a new purse, and wah-lah! Mission accomplished! 😛 I like the buttons. ^^ They had a brighter-striped one, but I often wear a variety of colors – sometimes quite […]

Since the last time I blogged, I am still extremely frustrated with everything – my life, my family, my job, my health… The list goes on, but I promise not to bore you and continue it. I want to scream. All I need is for someone to understand what I am trying to explain. I […]

There was a huge storm today, especially on my way to work. The fact that I was having suicidal thoughts weeks ago and considering just driving off the road altogether definitely does not make this any better. And then I hydroplaned off the road. My anxiety is extremely bad. I feel like (once again) no […]

This was a draft I never got around to posting & am posting just because. :] I bought some paints, but I didn’t really think that part through. However, I did buy a hot glue gun and some glue sticks. I decided I’ll make some pencil holders and such, and maybe even some of those […]