Archives for Month: May 2012

My Internet sucks here. Personally I’d expect it to work considering I’m actually in what’s considered to city people “civilization” and all – plus I’m in the orangest of orange on the data/phone (greenest of green!) usage on the availability map. My phone is a little iffy, though. It’s just that my Internet is even […]

If you’re like me, you find interest in the lamest things whilst procrastinating. You don’t really feel like doing that, but you have to. If you get so bored procrastinating that you run out of things to do, then you might as well get to what you needed to do to begin with, right? I’ve […]

The post titled “Words Hurt” was an unfinished scheduled post that I wrote a few days ago and completely forgot about. D: I won’t be writing anymore posts and “scheduling them” for a later date because I’ll just end up forgetting them. You know that dream people talk about having with them being in school […]

This post may be triggering due to the abusive content. They really do, and when you find yourself surrounded in negativity, if you’re like me, you’ll just end up drowning in it. Me? I just remember the negative. I can’t name/tell about positive things. There’s more, but I got a cramp in my hand. P: The […]

From time to time I wonder to myself whether I’d miss something highly important if I deleted many of the emails at the back of my inbox or not (because if it isn’t obvious already, I’m a bit too lazy to take the time to organize them). I keep procrastinating. I’m not doing it on […]

It was such an easy answer, I probably should have said yes. But I’m so exhausted these days, and I’ve noticed that when I help others I just end up wearing myself thin. Mimi asked me early this morning if I was up for helping her today, and I couldn’t even wrap my brain around […]

Today I actually looked in the mirror for the first time in a while. I’m not talking about a glimpse or to snap a mental image of myself and “how great” I look. I know I’m seriously the least likely person one would think of as pretty, and the fact that I’m still just a […]