Archives for Month: June 2012

I mean, seriously. Most of them are from Facebook pages/etc. I guess it’s not as annoying as when people use your for you’re. [images unavailable] Not trying to insult these 5 Twitarians; just trying to increase the awareness to all of you WHO DO THIS. Get it right. Don’t want to put in an apostrophe? At least add […]

I can’t really say I’m sorry to my domains/blogging friends for neglecting them lately and mean it. I mean, I could mean it to some degree, but because I have not been spending my time getting caught up in reading others’ blogs I have had time to actually work on I mean, to keep […]

I’m currently bouncing back and forth between hot and cold. Should I pull the necklace of chain beads to lower the turn strength on the fan above this bed, or should I leave it? Decisions, decisions… I am also half in pain on one side… Although this probably doesn’t make any sense. I had a […]

Tomorrow Today is Tuesday. Today Yesterday felt like Tuesday. I really don’t enjoy talking on the phone, mostly because I stumble over my words a lot. Afro Circus was a GREAT thing until I listened to it for more than 30 seconds. I really like this body wash that I use. It smells really nice; it’s […]

There’s no doubting how nice it would be to be able to blog about how I’ve gained my Associate’s degree in some major that I’m working on, that I’m still attending college – but currently on summer break – and have already went in and had my schedule organized for autumn. There’s also no doubting […]

List time! And also just because I feel like it. Friday Don’t really remember much now. I think I blogged, or something. Or not. No, didn’t blog. Did work on Dehlu, though. Can’t figure out if I want to make it completely PHP or not. Sad, right? If I do make it PHP, it could […]

I’ve been reading through my past entries on here. I think my birthday didn’t feel like it was really my birthday (thus not feeling “official” or anything like that). To be honest, I feel very _______ at/with myself that I have gone through all of this. I know it isn’t my fault, but even telling […]

I’m currently typing on another blank page of my life. By the time it gets to you, this page will already be filled – ruined with everything I’ve said – and no longer available for use. Maybe being here has been somewhat good for me. Although, I think that to a certain extent it has […]