Archives for Month: June 2012

Since Friday I have not checked anything having to do with my websites. I know people depend on me for Dashes, and then I have the opening of Spree, but such things were not on my to worry about list. They just weren’t important. It’s Sunday, and I was going to go out to eat […]

I have realized it doesn’t matter what I say anymore. If I express myself and my thoughts and my feelings, then I am wrong. Those of you talking behind my back who think things I listed out in the blog following my collaboration of thoughts really didn’t get it. I was not talking about you – […]

I am often misunderstood. Lately I haven’t been able to match my thoughts with my actions/words. It’s not my fault, and after this weekend I’m going to try to get everything settled with myself health-wise. I’m stressed. I can’t take a lot of things right now, but the only reason I leave comments open is […]

I was pretty harsh. I’ll make a video later.

Most likely gonna lose lots of readers, receive apologies and/or come across as rude. But you know what? I don’t GJSHGDJFKHGJSKDKFHJK care. I decided to be nice, though, and make this a PG-13 entry. This is a freaking filler blog. Don’t comment my entry beneath this. I’ll close comments on it, yeah. That’ll work. People […]