Archives for Month: July 2012

I took this in 2008/2009 of Foxy Roo and I. It actually wasn’t easy choosing which picture to put on my sidebar, but I wanted to have something that showed a little bit about me. A little history: When I moved in with my dad and Kimily (stepmother), Foxy instantly became spoiled by me as well as my dad […]

Since I moved here I haven’t been up to too much. If I was still on the farm I’d be snapping and capturing pictures on my raspberry baby (my Kodak point and shoot). I love photography and art and mixing it with nature and animals more than I love math – I just don’t know […]

You know those medical forums people go to to talk to others for reassurance? I don’t fit in there because when I ask questions, I receive what all of the others who actually have that possibility (and maybe even the worry) that they’re pregnant. I just want to be able to ask ovarian cyst questions for once […]

I guess technically it would be BEDA 2012 Part II considering people also do it in April. I mean, I’ve always “failed” it. I define failing it for myself as: just dropping it altogether getting bored and having crappy, pointless blogs because of it just scheduling posts This time around I don’t really see anything […]

Do you ever say something and it come out wrong – and the other person has already perceived their opinion of whatever it was that you said, so it was too late – and then you realize exactly what you did? Yet you can’t really fix it because it was already said, yet it sounded […]

Inspired by a TCG Pet Peeves thread, I created this blog post for you guys. I hope you enjoy it. If you’re guilty of this, and it offends you, well… Sorry that I don’t really care? Third person biographies If your blog is in third person POV, why have an about you blurb in third person? […]

My topic for my last entry is quite misleading to a major extreme considering the fact that food actually makes me sick – right now, as in nauseous – the majority of the time, especially since about March or April. I can read food blogs and such sometimes, but most times it just makes me […]

I’m sitting here typing this up and pausing every couple of seconds to take a bite of my warm bran muffin. I’ve not come across many people who like bran muffins. Do you like them? This batch of bran muffins have slices of apple in them. Grandmama made them, and she was taking them out […]