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You know, I guess that sometimes some things maybe/sort of have their perks. I have these really bad and big bags under my eyes. I keep having nightmares, and said nightmares are really getting on my nerves. I’ve had some flashbacks in my sleep (nightmares) as well, and they don’t do well with me and/or at […]

I’ve been considering adding an ads section to the sidebar, whenever I get it figured out. Or you know, something like that. P: Blah. Decisions, decisions.

Over on Seek Liza I mentioned I don’t blog about religion and/or politics. This was going to be an article, and I’m not preaching – I’m merely expressing my points of views, opinions, etc. If it comes off as preaching, I am terribly sorry, as that is the last thing I want to happen. Most of […]

So I failed myself in editing that layout and completely just scratched the whole idea because I basically lost patience with it, thus leading me to download a copy of the WordPress version of Georgina’s Rose theme, which brings us here. I know it’s annoying when a site’s worked on live, but I need to […]

I’m not sure if I have answered these questions on 6birds yet or not, but I’m going to answer them on here either way. 🙂 Ages ago I told Stephanie I was stealing her meme, and I finally have. How often do you try to blog and how often do you actually blog? I schedule […]

EDIT: It’s not muscle pain; it’s my icky cyst that I didn’t think to mention. Lately I have been attempting article writing. I used to be able to do it adequately well, but I have noticed that anytime one thought is formed, I’m just going to keep typing and typing and typing about that one thought […]

Two weeks ago on Healthkicker an article titled “10 Things ‘Skinny’ Friends Can Do to Help” was featured. I read it,  trying as hard as I could to get through the entire post before reading the comments, and it turns out that I’d developed the same opinion about it as the comments: …Is she putting the blame […]