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Turns out I missed this theme, and I will have a similar version of it put up later that is the same concept, just a different use of colors, rotating words in the header and different lyrics at the footer. I’ll be working on it live and on the server, then I’ll download a copy […]

I finally completed Dehlu to the most that I could be satisfied with. I figured waiting until August to take it off maintenance mode was pretty much a pointless thing, so it’s open and the public can view it. I even posted my lovely enchiladas. Not every project (domain, etc.) is listed, but I couldn’t […]

You know how you have a website that you love, love, LOVE and you’ve had it for a while? Inspiration often fades; you lose it. I don’t want to disappoint people yet again and close down Dashes, which was Lounge 11 last year, but now that I’ve learned a little more about Paint Shop Pro […]

Respect. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Respect your teachers, respect your parents/guardians, respect government officials, respect the law, respect your elders, respect… The list goes on and on and on, but when does it stop? Are children in there? To most people most likely not, because why should anyone respect children? However, I believe that if you respect children then […]

First of all, I’d like to remind some people that I’m not stupid. Second, I am in desperate need of a forum name for a forum I’m starting on Dehlu to host various TCG-related things (like for my TCGs, other TCGs if they wish, etc.). I had Aijou (love in Japanese…right?) already; I want a different […]

You know what really frustrates me? My family and friends (whatever little bit of them I have left) claim that I am book smart. To me, being “book smart” means that you are well educated academically; an intelligent intellectual; the opposite of “street smart”. Actually, I am neither of those. Paying attention in class, following […]

It’s currently 9:33am, and so far I am really slow at typing this morning. After midnight today I got quite a bit done on Dehlu and switched some things up a bit… It doesn’t really get any more exciting than that. You know what is absolutely frustrating? Trying to wake up at a later time than […]

Continued from I don’t hate being single. This post is 2/3 of my explanation of my single life. I’ve actually never revealed it this much before, but don’t worry: it’s not that interesting. So, like… When they always talk to their ex whom they’re still in love with even though they deny still being in love […]