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That doesn’t mean I like/love it, either, though. There are always problems with the guys I get into relationships with significant other-wise: they try to have with me what I have with another person they are still in constant contact with their ex they are still in love with their ex they see no problem […]

I remember. Before it was a popularity contest. Before there were rules. Before people made commenting a chore. Before people made popularity seem necessary, important. Before there were cliques. Before there were…   It was fun back then. Inspired by Susi and Peter’s posts.

This post is completely pointless. I saw a baby wearing a shirt that said, "Santa doesn't exist, but that's okay, because I can't read." — Shane Warne (@ShaneWarne) June 27, 2012 Don't stress over what could've been, chances are if it should've been, it would've been, and would be. — Katie Matlin (@KatieMatlin) June 27, […]

I’ve realized that I never really blog about certain things – ever. Maybe I have sometimes, but I just don’t ever think to include them in posts because they seem quite redundant: Music – I don’t blog about my music tastes. I don’t really know why; I like a lot of different music, and it […]