Archives for Month: August 2012

There’s not really anything special about this theme other than I made it because I wanted something somewhat fun, unique and plain with a splash of color. As you make your browser window larger/shorter, it minimizes/gets better. Fancy, huh? The way I tried to make everything work originally just … wouldn’t work. I couldn’t get […]

My experience with the guys who liked me in middle school and high school could very possibly be the reason I practically start spraying my boyfriend repellent with my mouth and actions as soon as one starts to actually show interest in me. I don’t intentionally try to make this happen; it just happens. I […]

Hi. It’s not okay for me to do ___, but you’re allowed to do it. Because if I do it, I’m being annoying and begging for attention even though I’m not really asking for it/any at all and simply ranting instead – whereas when you do it, you’re asking for attention because if people ignore […]

Sometimes when people try to help me they only actually end up making it worse. Sometimes it helps, though. Like when I post for help on a forum and edit my post soon after stating that I found the error and that it was such a silly mistake like forgetting to close a DIV or […]

Do you ever just want to say “hi” and be done with something? Or to tell people to “go away” because they’re making you feel negative about ___? As if you could magically disappear and reappear elsewhere where you’re in a positive space and nothing could possibly go right. Last night I dreamt that I […]

I got Hope Fades up. The way I originally wanted it to look wouldn’t work. This one is kind of the same in that department, as the smaller the window gets, the bigger chance of the text disappearing (which means zero scrolling). It’s fine, though. It’s a lot more done than it was when I […]

I have not been returning comments much lately, but I think it will be easier when BEDA ends – for me, at least. I have been having some trouble functioning again emotionally, physically and mentally. It is a really difficult process to explain, and it has been quite difficult for me to explain it in […]

I like to play games. Sims, racing video games, skateboarding video games, some web applications – I don’t quite fit in with “actual” “gamers” mostly because I don’t really play Mario or anything like that. I do enjoy Pacman, although I don’t remember what the official name of the game I had1 was, and DDRMAX22. I […]