Archives for Month: August 2012

I’ve been so reluctant to actually blog about this. I keep thinking writing about it in depth more than what I have already written about it will only make people think I’m seriously a basket case. A few months ago I was told I needed to go a hospital because I was crazy – that […]

I meant to get a blog in earlier, but I guess even though it is later this blog post will be alright, too. If you follow me on Twitter, you have probably noticed that I have been freaking out practically all day long. If you know me well, you know I am a HUGE Degrassi […]

My dad and Kimily named him Ezra. The middle name is still being figured out, but they’re thinking of Javid – J, from Jonathan, from our dad,  and David from David, Kim’s dad (he passed away within the past year and a half). Ezra is different and pretty unique. When I heard of it, I instantly […]

I spent the day my brother Patrick was born swimming. I don’t even remember if I even went to school for at least the roll call that day and was pulled out of class soon after. I was in elementary school. Later that day I was taken to the hospital. The day Carrie was born […]

I changed my theme for a while. I wanted something sleek and clean and just different, whether it be for a day or longer. Yesterday I realized I had the theme Georgina designed for almost six months. I still like it and think it’s a great theme, but I want something less blue for now. […]

The other post I started to write just didn’t work out. Which do you prefer laptop or desktop? I wouldn’t complain about having a desktop computer, but I currently have a laptop, and so far I don’t really need anything else. How many computers do you have in your home? There are 2 computers in […]

I slept a lot today. I keep having these horrid dreams. I still feel so trapped. I feel like I’ve failed and let down a lot of people, and I hate that all of this has consumed my thoughts and left me with only this to blog about. Today was just one of those days […]

One of the things from working at Walmart that I realized is that everyone feels embarrassed about buying things, no matter what it is. You have the guys who look young (~16 to 25) and are buying diapers, tampons, pads, etc. and are acting totally awkward, then you have the guys who look young yet […]