Archives for Month: August 2012

I’m sick again. It’s not the kind of sick most people think of when they hear that someone is sick. I’m emotionally sick. I feel like this is going to be a never ending roller coaster of me being emotionally sick – of missing her, my mother. If I didn’t love her my life would be […]

Numb, exhausted, frustrated, annoyed, aggravated. I’m still not happy with myself. I’m tired of all of the political crap. In the end it’s just a popularity contest. I like neither person who is running for office, but I am waiting on my voter card/whatever it’s called so I can vote this year since I missed […]

Forgot to publish before my shower. P: I feel like writing, but not blogging. I have a feeling of how I want something to go, but it’s rather difficult actually making it work because of my problem with getting the right words out. I’m also considering creating a theme for SL to be displayed during […]

I have virtually nothing to blog about. Topics I have little words for can’t fill up a blog post, and people seem to enjoy lists. I like lists. Maybe you’ll enjoy. Two weeks from today marks the one year anniversary of something horrible happening last year. I wouldn’t have remembered it if I had not […]

Long story short I figured this post was quite relevant to a previous post of mine – the blogging world edition. This applies to contests/giveaways presented to us in the blogging world. Like I said in my other post, if you’re offended, I’m sorry I’m not sorry? My pet peeves have became even bigger pet […]

I woke up early this morning. I’m exhausted. Charan and I went to the courthouse downtown to collect two copies of my birth certificate – the short version (because hey, that’s all they have available there) – so my dad can put me on his insurance since my long version birth certificate is still at […]

I came across an interesting blog. I really like the concept of it, but it’s also kind of not fair. I wasn’t expecting the “never trust a girl who” link to be a tag to more posts; I simply expected it to be one long list of “…girl who”‘s that guys should not go for. […]

I missed a day. I guess it’s ridiculous that it happened since I logged in and all. I think I’m supposed to care, but I don’t. I don’t really care. I think I’m supposed to be upset with myself, but I can’t afford to be upset with myself. Too much crap keeps happening to me. […]