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Tweet limit. So, here. Enjoy. Here’s your taste of my nighttime tweets. They’re all 140 chars or below. Check if you don’t believe me. I am now eating a fun-sized Snickers even though I’m allergic to nuts & brushes my teeth because of #tweetlimit. And I don’t like chocolate. I remember years ago someone told […]

I tried to write an adequate blog, but I’ve completely failed at ideas lately.

8th December 2017 edit: At the time of this post’s writing and publishing, my depression and PTSD were high and mighty before meβ€”but I also did not have a grasp on my eating disorder, which led to anemia so bad that it turned my skin pale from a lack of proper nutrients. I also had […]

It’s just because the whole day runs through your head. Continuously. Stopping the thoughts is rather pointless because they always come back. Always. You’re in your own jail with no way out; with no point to continue to try. If you speak your mind, you’re deemed as crazy. So it feels as though all hope […]

I started this on another blog of mine, but I’m currently moving said blog to a subdomain portfolio for my pictures and whatnot – or pretty much just going to make it a redirect until it expires this December. I’m redoing it now. I’m going to try to be as honest and detailed as possible, […]

I’m really annoyed: in general, completely, with life. I’ve got people commenting my blogs inferring the complete opposite of what I explained. Like, what’s so freaking wrong with not wanting to date many guys? What is the problem with wanting to just wait a while until someone lovely comes up and see what happens from […]

If I were to blog the way I actually think, I think I would have to be an anonymous blogger. Granted, reading such mess might be a bit more entertaining since it would include more sarcasm and satire, which would in the end make my posts more humorous than they are IF they are already. […]