Archives for Month: October 2012

Ever so often I’ll come across a blog post on someone’s blog/a blogging network that has to deal with social media getting in the way of relationships. I stopped commenting to input my two cents in after one too many people decided that I was wrong for finding it a tad bit (understatement there) creepy […]

I’m not sure if I like this theme or not. To be honest, I cannot stand pink. I’ve only ever worn pink a few times in my life, and most times it was when I didn’t really have an option (i.e. schools like having pink days for some reason, a special event or cause, etc.). […]

So I guess I’ll start with what is going on right now. My glasses have dried tear dots on them, I can’t find my lens cleaner, I’m too irritated to be around people, my vehicle insurance and inspection is due, and I used Clean & Clear face wash as body wash accidentally, even though I’m […]

All of these things have been said to me, and I don’t think they realize how much it actually hurts. “Stop making yourself out to be the victim.” Saying that to someone in recovery from being abused infers that they’re still a victim. There’s a difference in surviving abuse and being in recovery versus still being […]

Be my friend  Hold me, wrap me up  Unfold me  I am small  I’m needy  Warm me up  And breathe me – (Breathe Me) I don’t really know how to word this in a way that will be meaningful and get my point across in any way. To be honest, I don’t think it’s possible […]

I’m not sweating in the heat sense—I’m freezing my hair off, itching all over (maybe it’s this body wash that’s finally taking its toll on my skin), using an extra blanket on my bed again (I added the yellow and zebra one my mom made me last year to my bed), my throat is hurting… […]

In 2012, I decided to start my blog anew. Five years later, I turned my back on this decision and began the process to export and import posts from my archive, because I learned sharing my story and healing from the past is important to progress in the present and the future.