Archives for Month: November 2012

Thursday I went to my dad’s house. He randomly text messaged me wishing me a happy thanksgiving and included in the same text message a question of whether I wanted to come over to his house until Saturday. So I decided to. It would allow me to get away and go over there and visit […]

I’ve little to no interest in the things I once had interest in, and such interest was lost in a time frame of a little over a year. A year – even two years – is a short amount of time in my life to lose something considering I’ve been on this planet for almost […]

I’m back to sleeping too much again. I hate the perception of laziness that society has, because depression can cause over sleeping, too. I can’t exactly explain it, but it basically consists of the following: sleeping through alarms, no matter how loud sleep paralysis having nightmares or not dreaming at all feeling as if I […]

Little does pretty much everyone know, the layouts I’m working on for my sites are being named after Skins characters. Each layout kind of portrays/represents a character from Skins personality at one time. This one represents Cassie and what Maxxie (or Anwar, I can’t tell) says about her – “I bet she bangs like a fairy on acid”. […]

Technically speaking, I started over on my blogs. I decided against making rules for myself to follow. I’d mentioned on Seek Liza that I wouldn’t talk about politics on my blogs because it attracted too much unwanted attention. I’ve also blogged about not liking living here, in Texas/in the USA/etc., and wanting to live in […]

I feel like I’m never going to finish. I wish I had just started on day one. In my defense, I forgot all about it, to be honest. I realized it was November, but I had forgotten I was participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Maybe it’s because it is my first year? Anyway, I was […]

You know what I’ve learned? I rock at procrastinating. I decided to attempt this NaNoWriMo event this year because last year I was working at Walmart and the possibility of my dream to publish a novel before my thirtieth birthday didn’t exist whatsoever, and this year I’ve no job – and perhaps I wanted to […]