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There is drama with me involved, and it’s messy. I usually try to stay away from anything that could turn into such, but apparently that doesn’t work, either. I’ve sent a sincere email that could count as an apology the day of the blog post, but I’ve not heard back. The thing about drama is […]

Saturday my dad informed me that I hadn’t given him my wishlist this year, to which I replied that he didn’t ask. I didn’t know he’d want one, so I just didn’t think it’d really be all that important. Sunday he took me to Target and told me I had $50 to spend, so I […]

I just spent the last two-ish hours contemplating whether I should type this up and post it, even though I’ll want to post about my gingerbread house today after I put it together today when it is daytime and not two in the morning. 😎 Anyway, Saturday we ate spaghetti and meatballs for our get-together […]

I’m not linking back to the old posts1, but Christmas and Thanksgiving and everything between Halloween and January 2nd is eh to me. It’s “eh” because everything is so chaotic and insane and rambunctious and… these are all kind of the same things to me, so I’m gonna stop there. /antlers Call me a Grinch, […]

Whilst I’m not exactly sure when, I fell behind on comments as this year started to end — probably around October, and definitely around November. I didn’t realize how many blogs I read until I put them all into a list and fixed up my links page, either, which kind of made me feel rather […]

There’s a double standard with me and Bri. I’m not sure if this was realized last year or this year, but it was whenever she stated, “Because having boys over can get you into dangerous situations, and you don’t need that,” after I asked why it was such a big deal to people. When she […]

Who am I to pass up a meme? That’s a lame question. I saw the title of this via CommentLuv on Georgie’s comment and had the need to check it out. After reading her post I decided to follow and do it as well. 😀 Although I’ve tried in the past, if you have any […]

A person on Facebook shared a link to a two year old blog post about The Problem with the Christian Music Industry. You know how it goes: someone posts something about Christianity and, even if they happen to update it with how their views have changed, it’s forever viral if it’s a conservative viewpoint. Anyway, […]