Archives for Month: January 2013

Rather than being “bossy” and telling people what NOT to do to NOT get hacked, I’m just going to tell you some ways you can get hacked. I mean, it’s quite helpful, I think… If you want to get hacked, that is… If you haven’t changed your password recently, and you let someone who knows […]

It’s been a while since I’ve given people a list of random facts and opinions pertaining to myself, so I figured I’d try to dig up something new for you all to know, especially if you happened to have read my attempt at the 100 facts about me meme way back when. I like green […]

I went to a synagogue with my cousin, Kathy1, who was invited by a friend of hers who goes there. Josh Nelson Project, a Jewish rock band, was performing. I KNOW. TOTALLY UNEXPECTED, RIGHT??!! Kathy’s friend, Calvin2, ended up buying me a shirt and a CD for $25 after one of the guys at the table […]

I’ll admit I thought it was this awesome thing at first. However, I can’t want to do something because it’s awesome, because I want to prove it to myself that I can do it, or because I want to be a part of it and actually go through with it. To be able to actually […]

Pain is pain. It’s a feeling that is felt when something hurts. Some pain can be healed through music, some pain can be healed through talking, some pain can be healed through venting, some pain can be healed through crying – everyone heals differently. The healing process cannot be rushed, because that can lead to […]

Whilst looking through my old posts (just for kicks, really), I came across a few posts that contained things you guys deserve to be updated on. I think I honestly love that I started anew on my blog, because I don’t really have embarrassing posts anymore. When I was obviously mentally unstable to the point that it […]

You probably recognize this theme from Seek Liza, which is now unfortunately a spam site (I refuse to link it because that just gives them what would have been my traffic, ya know?). I decided to go back to using it because I really did love it then, and I still love it now. The site name […]

I feel like my entire world has shifted – like anything and everything I do just isn’t enough. I don’t eat much, and when I do, it’s either a lot or not a lot, and it’s typically the things I love. I have to say goodbye to Pringles, leftover meats, Old El Paso Refried Beans, […]