Archives for Month: January 2013

I’m exhausted. Actually, that doesn’t even begin to describe it. I’m so frustrated. For the past two days, I’ve been helping someone with something online-/technology-/script-wise. I think the most frustrating part is that who it benefits probably couldn’t care less. This feels worse than it was at Walmart, because I can’t easily vent about it. […]

I’ve taken questions from other surveys/blog projects over time and put them into one. If you do it, I’d love to know your answers1. 1. Have you always blogged in this location (domain, subdomain, etc.)? No. However, I like to think that people deserve second chances, thus why I started over completely. I’ve also matured […]

Over on Xanga, or one of their branch sites (I don’t remember where it was, nor do I really care which is was on), someone had blogged about how the same blogs show up on the homepage all of the time – meaning no new blogs really show up in the spotlight. I agree. It’s […]

I love Chrome for various reasons. It’s comfy. I’ve used it since it came out. I really hated Netscape and Mozilla Firefox. Safari was/is okay. I don’t have it on this laptop, though. Instead, I have Opera. I may, in the future, install Safari, but only because some websites I need access to require the […]

Inspired by Cami, I decided to create my own list. :3 I found her post whilst blog hopping, as I’ve kind of been “out of the loop” in the main blogging community. I think the only way to describe the one I’m talking about is the one from Skeletons MB from way back when. The […]

So, if you dislike this one, fine. However, the little icons are actually text. I used Fontfabric and Raphaël Icon-Set. Although it’s colorful, I listened to rock music whilst creating this, mostly Family Force 5 and Sixx:AM. Zombie, My Favorite Things, Skin and This Is Gonna Hurt greatly inspired it. :p All of the colors in […]