Archives for Month: February 2013

I’ve been more tired than usual lately. I’m actually writing this post while I’m tired. However, it’s not because I’ve deliberately been staying up late; my nightmares are back. And I can’t really sleep well. And I wake up a lot. And then I also have my allergies. I mean, I guess that the allergy […]

I think that no matter how minor, an accomplishment is an accomplishment. Even if it’s something pertaining to the Internet, I still did it. Although I was raised that bragging is “eh” and that bragging about something Internet/computer related is even more “eh”, I think that bragging about something that boosts/boosted my self-esteem in accomplishing […]

I wrote about this sarcastically, but here goes nothing. I’m doing this, because it was talked about on Twitter, and wellp, here are my secrets. I joined hacker communities. No big deal. 1. I started joining hacker communities under an alias to learn their ways and how they hack into things instead of reporting them […]

Friday night Bri and I went to Downtown Dallas — the American Airlines Center, to be exact. The American Airlines Center hosts a lot of things, from games to concerts. We were about an hour late, and I’m a bit upset1 that we missed Family Force 5, one of my favorite bands EVER. LIKE AH. […]

I’ve been contemplating having a tag called “why i blog” for the past few weeks. The i is lowercase, because that is the style for my tags. I suppose if I start using names in my tags that such style will have to change. However, for now it’s what works. Perhaps names and such will be […]

I wasn’t raised to know the difference between what is good and what is bad. Most everything I know not to do is what I learned from how badly I was raised.

There’s probably always going to be things in life that cause people to feel paranoid about such being used. I don’t refer to that as paranoia. I’ll let you judge me and my paranoia yourself after you learn about why I’m so paranoid. Passwords My mom and lard always required to know my password for everything. […]

Ivy tweeted a code for a free Graze box, and I was frustrated. As far as I knew, Graze boxes still weren’t yet available in the USA. I suppose it was only coincidental that I’d only been thinking about if they had come to the USA yet a few days before. Signing up Signing up […]