Archives for Month: February 2013

Fun fact: I love typing in my own forms. I’ve always styled my forms so they would be fun to type in, because sometimes it’s more fun to type in my forms than it is to type in my WP Dash. That’s not the only quirk. In honor of 6birds’ 3rd birthday, here are five […]

A certain type of bloggers, that is. ~ I use “hate” with caution. -.- I need to vent. AKA, screw the right way to write. A while back, I received an email: Liza, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I followed you on Twitter and your email was tweeted to someone […]

When Ashley tweeted about maybe doing a beauty post, I replied saying I had this idea on my blogging topics list. Long story short, we decided to join forces and post ours on the same day. I meant to blog on an odd day, but when I told her about my blog schedule, I realized […]